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Knitting for Nerds

Knitting for Nerds

I taught myself to knit in high school and still do it to this day (if you ask nice, I’ll show you my handknit socks). During my free time, I decided to see if I could merge my love of knitting for what I’d been learning about SEO and marketing at an earlier job. Knitting for Nerds was born.

Knitting for Nerds is a WordPress blog with a very heavily modified Genesis theme. It’s fully responsive. I’m also constantly making tweaks to improve readability and show a lot of social proof. My audience is not necessarily the most tech savvy and tends to skew older, so I made sure to use large images, bold colors, and large fonts. To also accommodate for different knitting skills, I list the required skills needed for each pattern.

In the year and a half I’ve had the blog, most of my articles have make the first page, if not the first spot, of Google. (My Harry Potter knitting pattern article is my most popular article, even if it’s not number 1 on Google).

Knitting for Nerds


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February 22, 2017