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Nice to meet you! I’m Ashley Miller

UX Designer & Researcher

Ashley Miller, UX Researcher & Designer

I marry psychology and technology to provide the best possible experience for users and shareholders alike. I talk to users and protect them from bad experiences; I research to keep products on the cutting edge; and I design simple, easy-to-use products.

I’ve studied experimental psychology for over a decade now and have been designing websites for over 17 years. I consider myself a jack of all trades and pride myself on my ability to keep learning and do it quickly. I’m an independent thinker, a risk taker, a leader, and a passionate researcher and designer.

Ashley was a tremendous asset when the Lake County Sheriff’s Office transitioned to a more community-friendly website. Ashley’s ability to provide a fresh design and smart functionality for both the community and content editing resulted in much more traffic to our site and lots of compliments from the community. Antonietta Simonian

Communcations, Lake County Sheriff's Office

A f*cking rock star! How do we hire 5 more Ashley Millers?

Tej Shah

VP of eCommerce, Overture Promotions

Ashley… has managed to distinguish herself as an approachable, intelligent, out-of-the-box thinker… The manner in which she takes risks to explore new territory and apply existing knowledge is truly impressive and something not often seen in others.

Sam Schwartz